GROWRITE: Armarios de cultivo y sus accesorios

Our growboxes are the most versatile on the market as they come in 8 sizes to suit every need and come with lateral doors and a variety of sockets for cables and ventilation tubes. The boxes are made of torsion-resistant steel bars and lined with 95% reflective Mylar 600D. With their reinforced corners and resistant zippers, they are practically indestructible. They all come with an easy-carry bag and are simple to erect. You can complete the kits with our reflectors, carbon filters, driers, plant yoyos, lamps and pulleys.

These are the sizes of our grow boxes

  • GR 60          60x60x140 cm
  • GR 80          80X80X160 cm
  • GR 100       100x100x200 cm
  • GR 120       120x120x200 cm
  • GR 140       140x140x200 cm
  • GR 240       240x120x200 cm
  • GR 240xl    240x240x200 cm
  • GR 300       300x300x200 cm
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Growrite accesories

Carbon Filters


Ultra light.

The new line of Growrite filters has been designed specifically for interior growing and combine two of the best selling models in the market. They are different from traditional charcoal filters since the activated carbon is impregnated into a cloth which makes it much lighter and reduces pressure loss. Thanks to the air-tight sealing, odor removal is 100% guaranteed. The filter cloth should be cleaned in a washing machine without powder.

Metal bracket included.


Secadero Growrite


A perforated net which is ideal for drying plants. It comes in a practical bag with zipper. You just have to open it, take out the drynet and hang it in your growbox. (Suitable for growboxes of 200 cm). It has 8 variable height levels and a diameter of 55 cm.



Reflector Growrite

Perfect for small to medium growboxes which can overheat rapidly. The Growrite reflector allows heat from the lamp to escape and keeps the growbox at a stable temperature. Its glass fittings prevent heat passing to your plants and
improves performance of a cooltube since its shape achieves a higher quantity of lumens.

Comes with 2 rope ratchets.



Rope Ratchet

Resistant pulleys with braking units are required to adjust the height of the lighting and extraction unit. Cable length 175cm, maximum weight 34kg.



Yoyó para plantasYoyo Plant

This extendible 1.60 m yoyo allows you to hold branches without damaging them for more light exposure. The yoyo
keeps a constant light tension which allows you to keep the plant in view during the growing period.


Yoyo para lámparasYoyo Lamp

A pulley to raise and lower lamps to adjust the height of the reflector to the growth of the plants, cable 100 cm, maximum weight 6 kg.


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